How to use fadeOut() in Jquery


how to use fadeIn() in jquery


PHP array

PHP Array Introduction In simple way array is used to store multiple values in single variable. Types of Arrays in PHP In php, there are 3 types of array in php. Indexed arrays – Arrays with numeric index Example of indexed arrays:


Associative arrays – Arrays with named keys Example of associative • Read More »

PHP Variables

What is Variable in PHP Variables are used to store information, In simply variables as containers for storing data. How to declare variable in PHP In PHP script a variable declare with the $ sign

If you are assigning string ( text value ) to variable then you need to put quotes around the value. In • Read More »

PHP tags

What is tags in PHP To start writing PHP code the first step you must know about the php tags. There are five different opening and closing tags in PHP. PHP code anywhere in document, The default extension of php file is .php. First tag in PHP.

Second tag in PHP.

This tag is equivalent to:

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What is php

PHP is an acronym for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor”  executed on the server, PHP is powerful scripting language to creating dynamic websites, PHP is used to create web based applications. PHP scripts are executed on the server and returns result to browser in plain HTML . It is open source so it is free!   Before starting learning • Read More »